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  • Scientists Question Colorado Forest Plan

    A week after the Obama administration issued a statement in support of a State of Colorado proposal to open areas within 4.4 million acres of roadless national forest to new coal mining and oil and gas development, more than 500 scientists from across the country called on the Obama administration to stand behind the national roadless rule.

  • Roadless Rule Supported in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

    In August 2009, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled to uphold a lower court decision reinstating the Roadless Area Conservation Rule.

  • Grand Canyon Gets Reprieve from New Uranium Claims

    Nearly 5 million people will visit the Grand Canyon this year, and while the Canyon itself may be timeless, its surroundings are not.

  • Obama Administration Declares ''Time Out'' for Roadless Areas

    In May 2010, the Obama administration provided a “Time Out” for activities in roadless areas, in response to a call from Pew Environment Group, until conflicts in the court were overcome.

  • Conservationists Call on Queensland Parties to Protect Channel Country Rivers

    The Pew Environment Group's Australia Program joined forces with the Australian Floodplains Association, the Cooper’s Creek Protection Group and the Wilderness Society to seek support from political parties for the permanent protection of river waters in the Channel Country from over extraction and pollution.

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